I'm just a beta. Don't bite me.

I'm just a beta. Don't bite me. I'm just a beta. Don't bite me.

Although he had been cheering himself up in his heart, after looking up at the ten Alpha teenagers who were much taller and stronger than him, little Gu Ze was a little timid, and those people were even taller than the young master. Can not be afraid, can not be afraid, must protect the young master, Gu Ze thought so, clenched his fist and bravely took a step forward, trying to block in front of the young master. Before he could stand firm, Gu Ze's back collar was pulled. With his mouth slightly open, little Gu Ze looked at a loss and turned to look at the young master behind him. Silver-haired young people's delicate eyebrows slightly wrinkled, young people are already angry, not to mention the restless Alpha in the development period, they are born fighters, have not yet learned to restrain the fierce and fierce genes. Eyes flashed impatiently, the weak Beta holding the collar behind him, the child in his hand is very light, when Yanuo Gu Ze holding the collar up, the short legs are still kicking in the air. Quickly put Gu Ze on the ground behind him, Yano's thin lips seemed to bend a tiny arc, but after looking at the people opposite, he immediately disappeared and his eyes became cold. The buzz cut boy and Rost, who was hiding in the corner, exchanged a look,deep draw stamping, and the other side was already impatient and motioned for them to do it. ***! Cun head young mouth dirty scold sentence, eyes ferociously looking at the opposite Yanuo, waved his hand to signal together. As soon as Gu Ze stood firm, a piece of clothing was thrown toward him, and he immediately recognized the one that the young master had put on his arm before, and little Gu Ze immediately caught it and looked anxiously ahead in his arms. Little Gu Ze remembered the scene in front of him for a long time. The silver-haired boy reached out his hand and stopped the fist that was waving at his face. The veins on his naked arm were bulging, the muscles were knotted, and the strength looked great. The silver-haired boy was even a little thin. But in the next second,alloy die casting, it was the tall boy who screamed, his arm was broken into a strange angle, and a bloody bone came out of his flesh. Such a siege aroused anger, the training clothes on his body were somewhat in the way, the silver-haired boy pulled them off, wearing only a military vest on his upper body, showing strong and smooth shoulder and arm muscles, without any sense of emaciation before, his body was neat, his appearance was excellent, silver-haired golden pupils, delicate and beautiful facial features, but he was fierce and fierce. Either a broken arm or a broken leg. Small Gu Ze hugs the clothes in the bosom to open the eyes wide, looked at the young master to kick the last person to fly out, after knowing the reaction to come over, the young master seems to be very fierce. Then when Arno turned around, Gu Ze saw the pure golden eyes. Alpha was a natural conqueror. After the overbearing pheromone was released, deep draw stamping ,Magnetic Drain Plug, even the little Gu Ze, who was not very sensitive to the five senses, stepped back subconsciously and swallowed saliva. He was afraid. How did the young master's eyes become like this? Young master! Gu Ze shook his voice and exclaimed, a red-haired teenager and two black-haired teenagers suddenly appeared from the corner, divided into three directions to attack the past, Gu Ze clearly saw the red-haired teenager holding a tube of medicine in his hand, toward the young master's arm in the past. The clothes in his arms fell down, and little Gu Ze ran forward and saw the young master turn around and pinch the man's wrist and quickly grab the potion and plunge it into the arm of the red-haired boy. The two black-haired teenagers were supposed to attract Arno's attention, so they appeared earlier than the red-haired teenager Ryan Rost, attacking Arno's face and heart, but Arno chose to subdue Rost first, even though he kicked down a black-haired teenager cleanly, but still got a punch in the face. Small Gu Ze originally thought that the young master was safe, did not expect to be beaten by the bad guy, or face, instantly red eyes, he failed to protect the young master. The successful black-haired boy was thrown to the ground by Arno and stepped on his shoulder, as if he could hear the sound of broken bones. Gu Ze looked at the wailing boy on the ground, then looked at the young master with pure gold eyes, and swallowed saliva in fear. Arno stood with his chest heaving, panting slightly, looking at the red-haired boy kneeling on one knee and trembling, without any emotion in his eyes. There were people lying on the ground in the corridor, and the blood on the ground gradually spread. Little Gu Ze, with red eyes, walked up to Arno and reached out carefully to hold the young master and let him leave here first. It was terrible here. Before touching the young master's vest hem, Gu Ze felt the strong wind in front of him, and was stared at by the pure golden eyes without any emotion. Little Gu Ze was so frightened that he closed his eyes and dared not move to be beaten. Chapter 4 Expected pain did not come, small Gu Ze trembled to open his eyes, he saw the young master closed his fist. Arno Elvis gasped slightly, the color of his pure golden eyes gradually faded, and the anger and anger aroused by the young Alpha could not be calmed down for a while. For Gu Ze, who had broken into his safe range, he was subconsciously about to attack, but he stopped at the last moment. Young master. When little Gu Ze saw Arno's eyes recover, he gave a careful cry and wanted the young master to leave here. He had never seen such a scene before. He had seen boys fighting before, but not like this, with broken arms or legs. What frightened him most was that the bones of several teenagers were pierced from their flesh, and the bending of their arms and legs was terrible. The courage is not big, see such a scene, let small Gu Ze give birth to the first thought is to leave this terrible place, of course, is to leave with the young master. It can be seen that the young master and people fight, Gu Ze originally some afraid of this cold silver-haired teenager, now more afraid, so after a cry, they dare not say anything. The young master's clothes were also accidentally left behind him on the ground, small Gu Ze looked at the young master, and then looked back, bit the lower lip, small face some pale. Turn around and run to pick up the clothes, hold them firmly in your arms,Stainless steel foundry, Gu Ze looks at the young master's eyes are full of uneasiness, if the young master is angry to beat him. When Arno saw the little one run over and pick up his clothes, he looked away and looked at the red-haired boy on the ground. autoparts-dx.com


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