A thousand mountains

A thousand mountains A thousand mountains

"Don't laugh me to death, he is a Juren, even if there is no money and silver also have fame, in the imperial capital will starve to death?"? If you can't do anything else, it's enough to hire a young teacher. Even if you really concentrate on studying, your Highness has gone to the porridge shed to see how the poor people line up to get porridge? Is it difficult to have the mind to wait in a long line to get a bowl of porridge to eat since you are a person who concentrates on studying and can't even care about foreign affairs? I don't know anything else. Even if a scholar who lives in a temple is penniless, as long as he is willing to copy some scriptures for the temple, the temple will provide him with two meals a day. Although he is vegetarian, he will not be hungry, and he can save some money on ink and paper. Ten thousand steps back, he was really hungry and cold, and he was really going to get porridge to eat. If I were a big man, a scholar and a Juren, I would be ashamed. Even if I had rice porridge, I couldn't eat it. It was all right to get a bowl of brown rice porridge. After all, is a person who has the intention of fame, to get porridge but also to pick porridge? Want to pick the best porridge to get? He has been doing the business of getting porridge all his life. Xie Moru disdained to say, "What's the chance to find out where he lived at the beginning?"? The porridge shed of the Second Prince's Mansion is in the north of the city. Where does he live? If he lives in the north of the city. It's just a trick for the willing. Who are you kidding? The five princes grinned and looked at his daughter-in-law's two eyes and said, "Let me see, you're not eyes, you're the demon mirror in Su's book." Xie Moru chuckled, and the five princes grabbed a peach in the fruit dish and took a bite. "The willing has already taken the bait, and now Xu Bangyan has become Bangyan, and the second elder brother will soon be the prince.". Even if we know in our hearts, the second brother may not be able to see it, but Xu Bangyan is talented after all, the hero does not ask the origin, this period of origin, also become an anecdote. "Such a clever villain,DIN screw plug, even if the article is done well, the means of character is not popular." As for the standard of the two princes, Xie Mo Ru said, "The East Palace employs people, and that's it." The five princes hurriedly said, "just talk about it at home, but don't take it outside." His daughter-in-law is really an outspoken person. I know Xie Moru sighed with a deep sigh. The era of surging is coming. Chapter 125 Palace Banquet. After Xie Moru's birthday banquet, another grand event in the imperial capital was the banquet for the two princes to move to the East Palace. Although the conferring ceremony has not yet been held, even if ordinary people move to a new house, they will place a few seats with thin wine, not to mention the second prince,die cast light housing, the prospective prince. The content of the East Palace banquet is relatively monotonous, but the quality is very high. On the first day, the royal relatives are invited, and on the second day, the officials are invited. The East Palace is very restrained. Only on the first day, the royal family banquet is grand and lively, and on the second day, it is a low-key small banquet. The big prince complained and murmured in private, "The prince hasn't done it yet, and he's given birth to so many money-making ideas. The second brother is getting more and more treacherous." Cui Shi is speechless, in view of her husband's irregular attack of red eyes, Cui Shi is too lazy to persuade, just discuss with her husband to send the housewarming gift to the East Palace, the big prince said, "just send something, if he holds a banquet every other day in the future, we have to give a generous gift every time?"? We can't live at home. Cui Shixin said that if he did not know that his husband was a prince, he would have to think that it was a poor man who said this. Cui Shi said, "Your Highness said so, if really impolite in the East Palace, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, not only lose face, I am afraid that the father there can not be justified." The big prince thought about his father, who was partial and had no vision, and went over to look at the gift list drawn up by his daughter-in-law. In fact, this housewarming banquet, really is not the two princes to take the initiative to set up, because the conferment of the east palace ceremony is coming, the two princes as the protagonist of the event, every day with Mu yuan emperor governance, and subordinate officials to discuss state affairs, and brothers and sisters contact feelings, but also in front of foreign envoys who came to attend the conferment of the east palace ceremony to show the style of a prince. As well as in front of the queen mother and his father to fulfill filial piety, familiar with the various rules and etiquette when conferring titles, and so on, these things, the two princes have been busy feet do not touch the ground. In this case, the two princes don't want to put what to move to a new house of the banquet, but the queen mother Hu is in high spirits, mention the matter of the wine, Mu yuan emperor also felt that the second son eyes to do the prince, up and down the country, even near the country and friends of what are informed, such a big happy event, son moved to the east palace, also should put a few seats of wine, Mu yuan emperor also said, "Just let go and have fun." Therefore, the two princes placed two days of housewarming wine. Between the royal ceremony, like a few days ago Xie Moru's birthday celebration and so on, needless to say, is the two princes such housewarming wine, and is to move to the East Palace, it is not easy to simple, easy to send, there are always thousands of silver. If you don't know the price of firewood and rice, the prince looks prominent, and there are many places to spend it. It is not unreasonable for the big prince to murmur once. Usually at this time, the five princes were very glad that they had married a good daughter-in-law. Needless to say, her daughter-in-law was rich. The key was that his wife was in charge of the family, and the five princes themselves were not a person who would spend money indiscriminately, so the family had a good life. The five princes also said, "I think the second brother is so busy these days that he has lost weight. Send some tonic to the second brother." Xie Mo such as smile, "Your Highness is too real, to send tonic to the elders is filial piety, to send tonic to the younger generation is care, in the same generation, if who is sick or injured or a woman has a pregnancy before and after the birth to recuperate, send tonic is greetings, two princes are now good, but a little tired, and the east palace is the focus of attention, other houses are not this, we send in the house, Even if it is a good intention, you have to ask the villain to think out the malice. "Don't worry, your Highness. The second sister-in-law is such a delicate and clever person. How can she take care of the second prince now?" The five princes nodded. "That's true." Continue to look at the gift list with the daughter-in-law, suddenly thought of one thing, "I heard that this time the King of Jingjiang in the East Palace will also come to congratulate." "All the envoys from other countries are coming. The king of Jingjiang is serious about the imperial clan, and the vassal king of one place should come to the East Palace to congratulate him." Xie Moru said, "but it's unexpected that he's really willing to come." The five princes also whispered, "Yes, according to the vassal king three years a Dynasty, these years have not seen the king of Jingjiang.". I've only heard of him before,CNC machining parts, but this time I really need to see him. "If you want to see it, call me, and I'll see how King Jingjiang describes it." The five princes were happy and answered his daughter-in-law. autoparts-dx.com


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