Devour the soul against the sky

Devour the soul against the sky Devour the soul against the sky

Human persistence often seems meaningless, but in that war, we lost because of human persistence? The species that the sources have combined to create has to some extent become a more original being, which may be why the sources fear them. Garuda flashed a pair of big wings and floated beside Hydra, saying with some emotion. You and I didn't really participate in that war, otherwise the final victory or defeat is still unknown, and it's not surprising that we lost with the fighting power of Cerberus. Hydra's voice was a little unconvinced. No, you are wrong Hydra, even if you and I participate, the final result will not change, Warcraft ultimately lost is not the strength, but the belief that human beings can sacrifice everything for the ideal, including life, but Warcraft can not, the elemental origin in the biological mind planted in the deepest subconscious command seems that only human beings can break through this shackle. As for Warcraft, their first choice is always to save their lives. Do you think a party who has abandoned everything will lose to another party who still has a lot of worries? Garuda shook his head: "The reason why Warcraft lost is that it did not have the courage to break everything, and this is precisely what human beings can do.". While the two mythical beasts were talking, Liu Feng was already sitting cross-legged, constantly experiencing the feeling of the tremendous pressure around him. The composition of his body was constantly collapsing because of the excessive pressure, and the power separated from the crystal nucleus and the heart was constantly reorganizing the collapsed place. The pain of constant destruction and regeneration makes Liu Feng feel like a collapse, but the feeling of collapse is always in a cycle, constantly stimulating the limits of Liu Feng's nerves. And each time after the collapse of the reorganization has become more solid, unconsciously, Liu Feng's body strength is constantly increasing. But this kind of inhuman pain, if not Liu Feng that strong bearing capacity, I am afraid already because of the pain and crazy bar. The strong pressure around Liu Feng destroys Liu Feng's body structure more and more slowly, and similarly,Iron Nail Making Machine, Liu Feng's body reorganization is also slower and slower, because Liu Feng is more and more powerful, and the energy needed in the process of reorganization is also larger and larger! Do not know how long, Liu Feng suddenly opened his eyes, covered with sweat because of severe pain and instant steam, and then the whole person was slowly stood up! This standing process lasted for more than ten minutes to be completed, Liu Feng, who had finally straightened up, suddenly stood up straight and brought him a great sense of achievement. He breathed a sigh of relief. Although the pressure and bondage on his body were still unusually large, he had reached a barely bearable range. The only problem was that Liu Feng's action was still a problem. The next thing to do is to adapt. After thinking about it, Liu Feng sat down slowly again and started a new round of penance! It is really amazing that under such a strong pressure, his body should not be able to withstand, but the energy absorbed by the heart and crystal nucleus can actually repair the body, slowly reaching the minimum standard to withstand the pressure in the constant elimination of evolution. Hydra exclaimed, Nail machine manufacturer ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, "It's only been ten days. It's amazing that he can do this in ten days.". Hydra, did you raise the difficulty of the field trial to the highest level? To such an extent, I am afraid it is very difficult for the sub-god level strong to really break through. Garuda's voice had a faint trace of dissatisfaction. Ha ha, Garuda, since you say that he is likely to become the existence of breaking the rules, then he should be more strict, if even my field can not break through, what qualifications does he have to say that he can finally achieve the achievement of threatening the elemental origin. And why do you always stay with me? It's enough for me to watch here. Hydra teased. Anyway, there is nothing to do. Is it not good to see how this human being creates the so-called miracle here? Garuda glanced at Hydra and said disdainfully. In my mind, you are not such a leisurely person. There is now Liu Feng after a long time of sitting, the feeling of the body has reached a peak state, the energy in the heart was consumed more than half, and although the crystal nucleus also consumed a huge amount of energy, but the crystal nucleus was a way of endless circulation, all kinds of energy between each other, so the consumption is much smaller than the heart, at this moment, The crystal nucleus has begun to absorb the power of the heart again, while the heart, which consumes a lot of energy, has changed from a dominant position to a disadvantage, and the disadvantage is very obvious! Liu Feng did not manage the struggle between the two sources of power in his body, he tried to stand up, and then struggled forward to hit a standard straight punch, which was as slow as slow, but it could make people clearly feel the existence of the power, while the action was also abnormal standard! Just such a fist movement, Liu Feng's forehead has oozed fine beads of sweat. The blue veins on the temple were slightly exposed, but they had exhausted all their strength, and reluctantly punched again, the movement had appeared slightly trembling, slowly withdrawn, breathed a sigh of relief, closed their eyes and concentrated for a while, the struggle between the two forces in the body became more intense with Liu Feng's fist, and after a rest, Liu Feng then punched a third punch. The degree of this punch has been slightly less than before! Do not know how long lasted, Liu Feng has been repeating this monotonous action, now the physical strength is not enough to support the strength of a punch on the closed eyes, and when the strength of re-cohesion on the re-fist, such as repeated, a full swing of tens of thousands of punches, the struggle between the two forces in the body finally reached the most intense moment! Crystal nucleus unexpectedly began to devour the behavior, and the size of the heart has been reduced to less than one tenth of the normal size, is still carrying out the final stubborn resistance,wire nail machine manufacturers, Liu Feng once again after shaking his fist felt a little different, not like the kind of exhaustion before shaking his fist, but the strength of the body actually appeared endless phenomenon.


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