Temperature Control Equipment

Temperature Control EquipmentTemperature Control Equipment

Temperature Control Equipment Product Introduction: Aging test oven, program operation, precise control of temperature and humidity, to meet the test conditions of stability check (accelerated, long-term, high temperature, high humidity), replace original imported high-quality parts, to ensure long-term continuous operation of the equipment, stable and reliable performance. Internal volume: 150L~500L Temperature control range: 10~65鈩? temperature control fluctuation: 卤0.5鈩? temperature deviation: 卤1.0鈩? Humidity control range: 40~95%RH, humidity control fluctuation: 卤3.0%RH, humidity deviation: 卤3.0%RH; Temperature and humidity controller: original imported color touch screen controller, 5 inches or more, program control, with three-level authority password; Humidity sensor: imported VAISALA capacitive humidity sensor, direct detection, no maintenance; Refrigeration compressor: imported fully enclosed compressor with long life and low noise; Data printing: It can print the model and serial number of the equipment, and can print temperature and humidity values and curves at the same time; Data storage: can store temperature and humidity values for more than 5 years; On-site alarm: On-site temperature and humidity deviation sound and light alarm, independent over-temperature alarm; Remote alarm: remote mobile phone SMS alarm (with power failure alarm), multiple devices can share a mobile phone card; Box material: the inner tank is made of mirror stainless steel 304, and the outer shell is made of high-quality steel plate sprayed with plastic; Double door structure: built-in a toughened glass door for easy observation; the outer door is fully enclosed to shield the influence of external light; Double protection: equipped with double insurance anti-dry protection system; equipped with independent over-temperature protection system, which can automatically cut off the power supply; Safety device: compressor overheat protection, compressor overpressure protection, compressor overload protection and fan overheat protection; Installation power supply: AC 220V卤10锛?0HZ; Working environment: + 5~35掳C (best to be controlled within 30掳C, and within 26掳C under extreme conditions); Details: ModelTemperature control range(鈩?Humidity control range锛圧H锛?/pVolume(L)Liner size(mm) W脳D脳HDimensions(mm) W脳D脳Hpower锛坘w锛?/pshelf (Standard configuration) Labonce-150GS10锝?540锝?5%150600脳405脳620760脳830脳14801.23 Labonce-250GS10锝?540锝?5%250600脳500脳830750脳870脳16501.53 Labonce-380GS10锝?540锝?5%400600脳700脳950760脳1060脳17502.03 Labonce-500GS10锝?540锝?5%500680脳680脳1070840脳1050脳18502.24Temperature Control Equipment website:http://www.china-labequipment.com/temperature-control-equipment/


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